How to choose the right MT4 Forex Robot

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MT4 Forex Robot - What Assistant Do You Need

There are a wide variety of Forex robots for the most reliable, user-friendly, and actively used platform - MT4.

  • Some of them work completely automatically, that is, without any human involvement.
  • Others, semi-automatic robots, take on certain functions - they set stop-losses and reset them to breakeven, turn on trailing, accompany positions and perform another routine, the most voluminous part of a trader's work. At the same time, the trader independently chooses trading instruments and works out scenarios, analyzes the market and enters it, making decisions about opening a position.
  • Advisors for MT4 Forex of the third type are actually advisors - that is, they do nothing on their own, but only "advise" the trader to pay attention to certain points, highlighting them on the screen.
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For beginners and professionals, with minimal and high risks, with various functions

Forex robots for MT4 differ not only in the degree of automation but also in the supported strategies.

There are programs that are developed using conservative strategies with minimal risks. Such an application is ideal for a beginner who is taking his first steps in the foreign exchange market and does not strive to immediately multiply his capital.

Expert Advisors with a high degree of risk, as a rule, are designed for experienced specialists. These robots include, for example, semi-automatic machines that support Martingale trading on any number of charts with currencies, stocks, metals, and other instruments.

There are robots for the MetaTrader platform that trade with high risks, which can be easily used not only by professionals but also by ambitious, impatient, and savvy beginners. These applications are designed for the so-called "deposit acceleration", that is, they allow your account balance to boom in the shortest time. Since such advisors work with small amounts, the possible loss of money, in this case, will not be a big tragedy.

Among the auxiliary software products for MT4 Forex there are also:

  • universal applications that can adapt to the changing situation on the foreign exchange market and take into account the events taking place on it;
  • highly specialized Expert Advisors tailored for specific purposes – to work on a trending market, to conclude deals at the exit from a flat chart, to open the maximum possible number of deals and getting a small profit from each order (scalpers), etc.

Trust by checking

Attention! Whichever version of the advisor you choose, test the software before purchasing - a self-respecting supplier will certainly provide you with such an opportunity.

When testing an Expert Advisor, pay attention not only to the functionality but also to the quality of its work. The robot for MT4 Forex, developed by competent programmers, is fully adapted to the functionality of the trading platform.

This means that:

  • the application is easily integrated into the MT4 interface;
  • algorithms do not "conflict" with each other - everything works quickly, smoothly, does not "stumble".

If, however, during the setup or during the operation of the advisor, failures occur, the program freezes, or other problems arise, it is better to refuse to buy a robot - whether it is the most affordable or, on the contrary, expensive and sophisticated.

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